Squeaks and Wheeks Small Animal Rescue

Sometimes The Smallest Ones Need The Most Love

Welcome to Squeaks and Wheeks Small Animal Rescue website!  Weither you are here to find a new pet for your home or have made the hard decision to surrender a beloved pet, Squeaks and Wheeks is here to help. Located in southwestern Ontario Canada, our brand new rescue service will work with you to achieve the outcome that you desire. 

News Flashes!!


Veterinary Services

We are pleased to announce that Kingsdale Animal Hospital will be accepting all our veterinary care needs!

Meet Our Team

Karen Stoltz

Co-ordinator  & Founder

Trish Ess 

Graphic Designer and Consultant

Veronica Crookall

Technical Advisor

Babs Vittoria 

Social Media Moderator 

Foster Families, Educators & Volunteers

Dawn Haas, Ilona Sheyer-Fox,

Terra Rosenberg, Jessie Canonaco, Kimberly Olsen, Erin Boyle,

Jessii Wafer, Ashley Cayer, Amelie Lagace, Lisa Therrien, Justin Burton, Samantha Gemus, Veronica Crookall, Shawn Mercer, Jennine Blizzard, Sabrina Hayward-Scherle, Amy Sill, Beth Merryweather, Chris Davis, Barb Czerniawski, Brenda Blizzard, Conrad Stanley

Care Missions


To provide emergency shelter for abused, abandoned and neglected small animals. This includes female mice (unable to house male mice), hamsters, gerbils, rats, guinea pigs, skinny pigs, rabbits, ferrets and sugar gliders.


To rehabilitate sick, elderly and injured animals in our care and find loving "fur ever" homes for them.


To help the general public with hints, tips and tricks about caring for small animals and offer boarding services.

Upcoming Events

PROMO DAYS——to be announced

September 15 & 16, 2019

PIJAC Canada National Pet Industry Trade Show

join us from 10-6pm sept 15 and 10-5pm sept 16

International Center Hall 5




With our no surrender fee and no questions asked policy, we provide care for small animals who can no longer be kept by their owners for a variety of reasons. We welcome any type of leftover pet supplies at the time of surrender that you care to donate to the rescue.

Rehabilitation and Special Needs

We work to restore health to animals who have been found, surrendered or rescued from abused situations with the goal of getting them into a new home. For animals whose health cannot be restored, they will remain with a volunteer foster home and be provided hospice care services.

This also includes pregnant females, possibly pregnant females and litters.


The best part of our jobs! We will work with you to find the perfect animal to fit into your home. After being surrendered, every animal is health checked and given a new name to fit a new life! He or she will then be fostered out or kept here while waiting for the right family to come along and showcased on this website. Each adoption fee will be priced according to the individual animal’s care needs. For more information, please see the available animals section

Understanding Pet Loss

The largest downside to sharing our lives with small pets is knowing that they won’t be with us long. If you are struggling with grief after a pet loss or are unsure what to do when a pet does die, call us. We will help you do what needs to be accomplished with sympathy and understanding or just be an ear to listen. 

Available Animals


As a feisty young male, Krat is all about exploring his world! He’s not too sure of people and other pigs yet but he is learning fast!

Adoption fee: 25 dollars cdn funds 

Coming Soon!


1year old male guinea pig in excellent health.  Will not appreciate a cagemate but loves to chat with a pig next door! He likes limited lap time, floor time and hideouts he can sit on top of. Is Elon right for your family? Come meet him today! 

Adoption fee: 25 dollars cdn funds


Female guinea pig who is obsessed with carrots and loves to wheek!

adoption fee 20 cdn and a no breeding contract must be signed


Five month old female baby guinea pig who enjoys large spaces to zoom around in and is both very friendly and easy to handle.

Adoption fee is 20 cdn dollars and a no breeding contract must be signed.

Special Adoptions

Cupcake and Caramel

Third party adoption. Cupcake and caramel are a bonded pair of boys and must be adopted together. Always ready for a cuddle and great with kids, cupcake and caramel are anxiously waiting for the next life adventure!

We have a home!!

These animals have come through the surrendering process and have found forever homes!!!!

***sherlock and Groot have found the perfect home***


Coming Soon!

Want to help? Here's how!

Contact us directly to make a donation!

Visit is at a community event!


Email, call or text us for surrender inquires, adoption inquires, becoming a foster home or any other general questions. 

Photo Credits

Terra Rosenberg, Babs Vittoria, Ilona Sheyer-Fox, Traci Dunbar, Karen Stoltz